Extraordinary UbiComp 2015 for ISTC-PC

UbiComp is the premier conference for ubiquitous and pervasive computing. UbiComp 2015 was held in Japan and featured at least 10 papers from ISTC-PC authors including the following Best Paper / Best Student Paper, and Best Paper nominee:

Enhancing Mobile Apps to Use Sensor Hubs without Programmer Effort. Haichen Shen, Aruna Balasubramanian, Anthony LaMarca, David Wetherall (best paper award, best student paper)

DoppleSleep: A Contactless Unobtrusive Sleep Sensing System Using Short-Range Doppler Radar. Tauhidur Rahman, Alexander Adams, Ruth Vinisha Ravichandran, Mi Zhang, Shwetak Patel, Julie Kientz, Tanzeem Choudhury (best paper nominee)