Welcome to new ISTC-PC faculty Julie Kientz and Eric Klavins and Intel researcher Liz Bales

Welcome to our new faculty Julie Kientz and Eric Klavins and to Intel’s Liz Bales !

Julie is an Asst Prof in the UW Human Centered Design dept. She is well known for her work on sleep sensing including winning a best paper award at UbiComp 2012. She is one of the leaders of the ISTC’s emerging MyHealthBehavior capstone and received her PhD in CS from Ga Tech. Eric Klavins is an Assoc Prof in the UW EE dept. His research in the ISTC-PC is focused on our Smart Wet Lab capstone where he is trying to dramatically improve the reproducibility of experiments in biology wet labs. Eric recieved his PhD from Michigan. Liz Bales is a new Intel researcher in the ISTC and will focus on the emerging MyHealthBehavior capstone. She is completing her PhD in CS at UCSD.